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The Best Keratin Treatments At Headfirst Hair Salon In Leeds

If your hair is dull, dry and damaged, or you struggle with unmanageable curly, wavy or frizzy hair, let us introduce you to our keratin smoothing treatment, sometimes referred to as a "Brazilian Blow Dry".

We use the award-winning KeraStraight Treatment - now known as Fabriq - to simultaneously repair, strengthen and smooth your hair for up to four months. 

This brilliant keratin treatment delivers a combination of proteins, amino acids and advanced polymers to rebuild the hair to give it added strength, vitality and shine.  Fabriq is also cruelty-free, vegan, and free from formaldehyde, sulphates and sodium chloride!

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Best keratin treatments at Headfirst Salon in Leeds

Smooth Hair For Up To 4 Months

Our ultimate treatment can give you frizz-free, smoother, easy-to-manage hair for up to 4 months.   This treatment takes between 2.5 and 3.5 hours depending on the length of your hair and desired results. 

KeraStraight - AKA Fabriq Hair Smoothing - is effective on all hair types and conditions, even bleached and coloured hair.

The end results give you a semi-permanent blow dry that lasts so you will look as if you've just stepped out of the salon every time you wash and blow dry your hair at home.

The 30-Day Blow Dry

We also offer a 30-day blow dry service which gives you smoother, silkier, softer hair for up to 30 days.

This is a quick-fix option for those who want to try our keratin treatment for the first time or for those who want a speedier service. 

Please book a complimentary keratin treatment consultation with one of our experienced hair smoothing experts so we can explain the options available and the expected results with your hair type and condition.  Call our Leeds hairdressing salon on 0113 268 5455.

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keratin treatments at Headfirst Hairdressing Salon in Leeds

Is KeraStraight The Same As A Brazilian Blow Dry?

We can achieve the same results as a Brazilian Blow Dry but without the use of harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde.  Our treatment relies on keratin protein which works into each hair strand to smooth the cuticles. 

The treatment starts with the application of a special cleanser to open the hair cuticles.  We then dry the hair before applying the keratin treatment.  The hair is dried again and ironed to bond the keratin to the hair. 

A final shampoo and conditioner are applied and your hair is styled exactly as you want it.  The end result?  Smoother, shinier, stronger and beautifully conditioned hair!

KeraStraight FAQs At Headfirst The Hair Specialist In Leeds

How long does a keratin treatment take?


The time it takes to complete a KeraStraight (Fabriq) Treatment depends on the length and thickness of your hair. It can take 90 minutes for short hair and up to 3.5 hours for long hair.  Please book a complimentary consultation so we can assess your hair, explain the process and give you a better idea of what to expect.

Does keratin smoothing work on coloured hair?


Yes. The treatment is completely safe to use on coloured hair.  If you are having a tint, we suggest we carry out your keratin treatment a few days before you have your hair colour.  If we are adding highlights, we suggest you have the highlights before your keratin treatment.  Please chat to your hair smoothing stylist at Headfirst Salon in Leeds so we can recommend the best time for you to colour your hair.

Do I need to keep my hair dry after a keratin treatment?


Unlike many other hair smoothing and straightening treatments, you can get your hair wet straight after a Fabriq treatment if you wish. You can also tie your hair up in a ponytail if you wish (again, this is often not allowed with other hair straightening treatments).  Just go about your daily routine as per normal.

Will a hair smoothing treatment make my hair straight permanently?


No, a hair smoothing treatment will not make your hair straight permanently. With the proper aftercare, your hair will remain smooth for up to 4 months. Hair smoothing treatments aren't just for making your hair straight. We can manage how straight your hair becomes, or maintain your natural curl pattern (just without frizz). The main point of a hair smoothing treatment is to make your hair soft, smooth and easier to manage.

Will a keratin treatment make my hair quicker to style?


Yes, your hair will be quicker to style and easier to manage after a keratin hair smoothing treatment at Headfirst Hairdressers in Leeds. Dry, damaged hair absorbs water and holds onto it which means it takes more time to dry. Hair smoothing treatments work to provide the hair with the proteins and amino acids it needs. This means less water will be held in the hair, making it faster to dry and style.

Is a keratin treatment the same as a Brazilian Blow Dry?


We can achieve the same results as a Brazilian Blow Dry but without the use of harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde.  Our Fabriq treatment relies on keratin protein which works into each hair strand to smooth the cuticles.

How long will my hair remain smooth & frizz-free?


Our ultimate keratin treatment can give you frizz-free, smoother, easy-to-manage hair for up to 4 months.

How much is a keratin treatment?


Prices for a keratin treatment at Headfirst Salon in Leeds start at £150 for short hair, from £160 for medium hair, and from £170 for long hair.  Please book a consultation so we can give you a firm quote and what to expect.

Can I have my hair cut the same time as the keratin treatment?


This depends on what type of hair smoothing treatment you are having. If you have the ultimate treatment then you cannot have your hair cut at the same time you have the keratin treatment. This is because the length of time this service takes means we cannot cut your hair in this time. However, if you have the 30 day treatment, then we can cut your hair after we rinse out the treatment.

Can I keep my curls with a hair smoothing treatment?


Yes, we can keep your curl pattern with a keratin hair smoothing treatment at Headfirst Hair Salon in Leeds. A hair smoothing treatment will benefit your curls as they will instantly be hydrated, revitalised and bouncy. Your hair will also be easier to manage and frizz-free! During your consultation, make sure to let your stylist know how much curl you would like to keep in your hair. We will then personalise the keratin treatment to suit your wants and needs.