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When it comes to your hair, adding hair extensions is no longer just about length and volume. If you are experiencing hair loss, thinning hair, or struggling to grow your hair, it may be time to try our high-quality hair extensions at Headfirst Salon in Leeds. 

We can give you unstoppable confidence by applying professional Showpony Hair Extensions, Australia’s premier hair extensions brand, built on a 35-year family history in premium hair extensions and wig manufacturing.

Showpony is an eco-friendly brand offering sustainably packaged hair extensions in a wide range of colours, textures and lengths.  


Call Headfirst Salon in Leeds on 0113 268 5455 to book your consultation. If you are a return client, you can simply book online.

Hair extensions experts at Headfirst Salon in Leeds

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Hair Extensions experts at Headfirst Salon in Leeds

Extra Long Hair Extensions

If you want hair that reaches your bottom, you'll LOVE our Showpony Hair Extensions which come in extra-long lengths of 24 and 26 inches.  

Of course, you may simply be looking for a little extra length and some added volume.  Whatever you desire, chat to our hair extensions specialist about the hair you've been dreaming of.  We can add length, boost fine or limp hair, and blend your extensions beautifully with your own hair colour. 

Rest assured that the hair extensions we use are top-quality Remy A+ human hair which means the cuticles all point the same way for a smooth and natural look.  Showpony Hair Extensions are also ethically sourced. 

Hair Extensions For Added Colour

Showpony Professional Hair Extensions come in 36 natural hair colour tones and some fabulous on-trend colours including balayage and ombre. 

We offer multiple shades of blonde, brunette, black and red-toned hair extensions which can be perfectly blended to match your base colour.

Our application methods include wefts, micro-beads and tapes so please chat to your Headfirst hair extensions experts about what you want to achieve with your hair so we can recommend the best hair extensions for you.


Tape Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are incredibly cost-effective, allowing you to change your hair length, add volume and even some colour with easy to apply semi-permanent extensions.

Our tape hair extensions at Headfirst Salon in Leeds come in a variety of different lengths, hair colours and textures.  We add them around your natural hair using a special tape that lies flat to the head and cause absolutely no damage to your natural hair.

If you look after your hair extensions, they can be reused.  Simply book your appointment at your favourite Leeds hairdressing salon for a hair extensions refit! 

Hair Extensions FAQs At Headfirst The Hair Specialist In Leeds

What methods of hair extensions do you do?


At Headfirst Hairdressers, we offer the best hair extensions services in Leeds. We have two temporary and four permanent hair extension methods. The temporary hair extensions include the 7-piece 20” Clip In and the versatile 20” 3-in-1 Halo. The four permanent hair extensions we offer are Slimline Tapes, Skin Weft Tape, Mini Microbeads and the Weft.

What type of hair do your hair extensions use?


At Headfirst Hair Salon, our hair extensions are 100% Remy A+ human hair, with the cuticle of the hair intact and aligned to ensure a smooth, blended and natural look.

Where are the hair extensions sourced from?


The hair for our hair extensions is from an ethically sourced blend of 80% Indian hair for durability, and 20% European hair for silkiness.

Are Headfirst hair extensions safe for my hair?


Our stylists are highly trained in the latest hair extensions application techniques. Through this, we are able to apply hair extensions safely and effectively to your hair at Headfirst Hairdressers. Before we even apply any hair extensions, we will have a thorough consultation with you to discuss the process and assess whether your hair is suitable for hair extensions.

Are hair extensions suitable for thin hair?


Hair extensions can be used to make your hair appearance thicker and fuller. During a consultation, we will assess your hair to decide whether your hair is suitable for hair extensions. Depending on how thin your hair is will depend on whether you will be able to have hair extensions. If your hair is not strong enough for extensions, we will be happy to discuss other options with you.

Do your hair extensions come in different colours?


We offer a range of different hair extension colours at Headfirst Hairdressing Salon in Leeds. For a natural and blended look, we can match your hair extensions to your base hair colour. We can also apply fashion hair colours to your extensions for a fun pop of colour.

How do I book a hair extensions appointment?


Before you can book a hair extensions appointment, you will need to book a hair extensions consultation. During this consultation, we will assess the condition of your hair and discuss the process with you. After this, we will then be able to book you in for your hair extensions transformation.

How long will my hair extensions last?


How long your hair extensions will last will depend on how they are applied - for example, whether they are tape hair extensions, microbeads or wefts. During your consultation, your expert Headfirst stylist will explain the hair extension process to you as well as how long your hair extensions will last. The length of time your hair extensions will last also depends on the aftercare. Your stylist will also explain how to properly take care of your hair extensions.