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Discover The Best Student Hairstyle Ideas at Head First Hair Salon in Leeds!

Starting your university or college journey this upcoming Autumn? Why not kick it off in style with a brand-new hairstyle or a playful hair colour? Reach out to the experts at Head First today – we're here to help you uncover fantastic hair ideas that suit your lifestyle. Check out these trendy student hair ideas inspired by celebrities...

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Effortless Beachy Waves 

Running low on time before your lectures? No need to worry! One of the most in-demand trends in hair fashion for students revolves around effortlessly chic beachy waves that you can customise to achieve your desired look. Creating these relaxed waves is as straightforward as giving your hair a gentle scrunch and applying a texturising product.

Alternatively, if your hair naturally leans towards being poker straight, you have the option to create well-defined curls with styling tools on days when you have extra time to style. Then enjoy loose beachy waves the following day with a spritz of dry shampoo.

Embrace Your Curls

Fortunate enough to have naturally curly hair? Embrace those curls with full enthusiasm! The skilled stylists at Head First present a range of treatments conducted right in the salon, complemented by products tailored for home care – all meticulously designed to hydrate your curls, control frizz, and provide definition to your spirals.

These treatments don't just amplify the beauty of your curls; they also simplify the process of styling and upkeeping, seamlessly aligning with your hectic life as a student.

Low Maintenance Hair Colour : Balayage

On the hunt for a striking hair colour while being mindful of your budget and maintenance time? Balayage is the answer! This sought-after technique, applied manually to your hair, replicates the natural way the sun imparts highlights, resulting in regrowth that blends more seamlessly compared to conventional highlights. This translates to fewer visits to our salon, saving you time AND money!

Balayage complements a wide range of hair colours, including soft pastels, bold fashion shades, and the timeless blends of blonde and brunette.

Cool Hairstyles for Gents

Male students in search of a hairstyle that goes beyond the usual preppy haircuts can find their solution at Head First! Draw inspiration from model and athlete Romeo Beckham, whose penchant for innovative new hairstyles and colours rivals that of his famous dad.

Whether you're aiming for an effortlessly cool yet functional style or a bold fashion-forward hair colour, the experts at Head First are prepared to craft a distinctive look that turns heads for the right reasons this term.

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