2024 Hair Trends

Unveiling the Hottest 2024 Hair Trends at Headfirst Hair Salon in Leeds

At Headfirst Hair Salon in Leeds, we love delivering hairstyles and colours that our clients adore, and keep up with the latest trends to inspire you. As we step into 2024, hair trends are undergoing a daring transformation, embracing uniqueness, simplicity, and a hint of timeless elegance. Join us in discovering the leading hairstyles that are set to make a statement this year, ensuring you leave our salon looking and feeling fabulous!

Bold Red Hair Colours

Embrace a new look with the hottest trend in hair colour—bold red hues. This year is all about making a statement, and nothing exudes confidence and individuality quite like a striking red hair colour. Whether you opt for fiery red, cherry bomb, or auburn undertones, these daring shades are set to dominate the scene, adding a touch of glamour and intensity to your overall look.

Our expert colourists are ready to elevate your style game with expert colourists who specialise in creating customised and vivid red hues tailored to your unique preferences. 

"The Italian Bob"

At Headfirst, we're delivering a touch of Amalfi sophistication right to your door with the timeless Italian bob. Bid farewell to a blunt bob and welcome a contemporary transformation for your hair in 2024.

Our modern take on the Italian bob introduces movement and texture, crafting a style that exudes sophistication and effortless chic. Our skilled stylists are prepared to infuse your hairstyle with a dash of Italian flair, guaranteeing you capture attention wherever your journey takes you.

Beautiful Bangs

Fringes are making a major comeback, and at Headfirst, we're dedicated to helping you discover the ideal fringe style that enhances your face shape and adds a dash of flair to your appearance.

Make a bold statement with blunt bangs, a trend that's gaining momentum in 2024. This daring choice frames your face with a sharp edge, allowing you to confidently express your individuality.

For a gentler touch, wispy fringes are stealing the spotlight. This delicate style brings a hint of romance to your overall look, creating a soft frame for your face. Our stylists will unveil your romantic side with a wispy fringe that perfectly complements your personality.

Modern Mid-Length Hairstyles

When it comes to contemporary mid-length hairstyles, envision a fusion of sophistication and practicality. At Headfirst, we're thrilled to present the newest trends that seamlessly combine style with ease.

While mid-length wolf cuts and shags gained popularity in 2023, this year, we anticipate a more refined take on the midi, featuring fewer layers. Mid-length hairstyles can exude refinement and effortlessness, especially when paired with a trendy hair colour. Our skilled stylists will tailor this style to complement your features, ensuring you leave with a cut that reflects your individuality.

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